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Wolters Family Chili

To be honest, I threw this blog post together after a few weeks of thinking “wow, I should make homemade chili soon.” And then yesterday, I finally did it. And it knocked our socks off. Let’s get this straight – this is not a simple recipe. This is not a 10 ingredients or less, 30-minutes-or-lessContinue reading “Wolters Family Chili”

Transitioning Into Winter During a Pandemic: 5 Ways to Maintain Wellness

I’ve always found joy in transitioning with the seasons. The newness is exciting, brimming with opportunity and the potential that resides in what’s to come! For me, transitioning with the seasons means changing small bits and moments of my life to signify the entrance of this new time of year. Each of the four seasonsContinue reading “Transitioning Into Winter During a Pandemic: 5 Ways to Maintain Wellness”

Starting New Traditions with Ginger Spice Cookies

This time of year is full of so many wonderful signifiers of the Christmas season: warm glowing Christmas lights, jolly holiday music with familiar melodies, the smells of cranberries and pine lingering from a favorite candle or the freshly-cut tree. But there is one incredibly classic Christmas signifier that I unfortunately have never been aContinue reading “Starting New Traditions with Ginger Spice Cookies”