Why I’m Here…

Hi there, friends! Here I am on a Tuesday evening, sitting in front of a blank white page in my calm and quiet home, talking to you. Hearing the final straggling leaves blow by outside is entertainment at this point. A year ago Tuesday evening might have been a bit more enthralling.

The year 2020 has really changed us all, hasn’t it? I’ve had the conversation with friends and family about how each person alive in this time in history will be permanently marked by it, even once the pandemic concludes (one day far away from now, I promise it will). Whether it will be a vigorous cleaning regimen or an expert-level hobby sharpened over days and months of newfound free time, no one will walk out the same.

As a full-blown extrovert, this time has presented my heart and my head with challenges beyond the physical. What does it mean to be “me” in this time in the world where socializing is often seen as unsafe? Where to be amongst others is a potential threat to one’s health? As we see case numbers continue to rise and the winter months coming sooner, I’ve been spending my now moon-lit evenings in deep contemplation, praying that God would show me what I truly need to nourish my soul. I’m starting to believe this might just be the platform I’m being led to.

You see, I’ve always been a words person. Always always always. Anyone who knew me as a child could tell you I really couldn’t stop talking! I’ve kept journals for quite a long time, morphing from scribbles to middle school musings to written conversations with God. In high school and college, I could crank out a paper like nothing, and would often have to go back and trim away at the excess to really get to my point. I was literally a Communication major! There’s something freeing to me about getting my words out of my head.

To be honest, I’ve had an itch to start a blog for a really long time. Now just seems like the perfect opportunity to jump.

I hope for this to be a place to share topics that spark my interest; more or less a “personal” blog, you can expect to see a wide range of content. My faith is a huge part of my life, so you might see my thoughts on humanity and what it means to live in today’s day and age. This year has surely been tricky for us all; for me, part of what I’ve tackled in 2020 includes buying a house and replanning a wedding due to COVID (married in August!), so there’s plenty of tips and tricks I’ve learned the past few months relating to those life events. I’ve also cultivated a few new hobbies and interests during this downtime at home, like home design/decorating and trying new recipes, so lookout for that too! All in all, I want to be able to share the things that bring me joy in this world. Our world needs some of that soul-deep joy right about now, don’t you think? I’d like to give away some.

Mostly, I’m just excited to engage in conversation with others on this platform. Connection and relationship are so incredibly meaningful, and I’d love to make new friends or rekindle past ones.

Love always,


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