Dreamy Christmas Home Inspiration Roundup

It’s almost Christmas!!! Right?! I think that’s what every major retailer wants us to think right now lol. It may or may not have worked on me, as I already bought all of Jarod’s Christmas gifts and half of the other family gifts… still a bit scarred by everything being out-of-stock during quarantine!

Something in me isn’t ready to decorate for Christmas around the house yet though. I think it has to do with there still being SO many leaves from all the trees around our house. Having a 100+ year old maple in our front yard means plenty of leaves, but living in a neighborhood with old trees is so magical it’s worth it to me! But once these leaves have all fallen, which I think might not be until Thanksgiving time, I’ll be ready to go all out on Christmas!

This is our first Christmas married and our first holiday season in this house, so there’s lots to figure out and plan! I’ve been thinking lots about what recipes we’ll make and which traditions we’ll try out. But what feels like the biggest task is figuring out how I’ll decorate! I want to make this a cozy Christmas since we’re working from home all the time. I find so much joy in the anticipation and I’ve been slowly collecting things as Christmas items have popped up online the past few weeks.

Before you officially begin decorating, you gotta collect some inspiration, right? My Christmas style is definitely light and bright, while still sticking to traditional Christmas reds and greens throughout. Here are some of my favorite Christmas inspiration pictures that are helping me dream up what I’ll do around the house:

credit: wild revival co
credit: the wiegands
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Let your heart be light. 🕯🎵 #IBCholiday

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Getting more and more excited each day! Let me know what you’re most excited for this Christmas, or if you have any other amazing Christmas home inspiration to share 🙂

Love always,


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