I’m a people person at heart.

It’s true. I grew up as a pastor’s daughter and spent my early days shaking hands and making friends left and right. I’m an extraverted Type-A kinda gal who loves to get things done and try to have fun in the process (although checking things off my list is TRULY half the fun!). I’m a Christ follower, a wife, a home owner, and a digital project manager as my day job. My husband and I live in a quaint lakeside town in Michigan that feels a bit like you just walked into a Hallmark movie, and we love supporting local businesses whenever we can.

This blog was born out of an itch to share the practical and meaningful things I’m learning and thinking about each day.

We’re home a lot more these days, which means we’re presented with the opportunity to invest in simple practices that make any good day a great one. I love trying new recipes, home decorating, keeping active thanks to my Peloton app, and having big conversations about what it means to exist in today’s day and age.

Say hi & come join!

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