Transitioning Into Winter During a Pandemic: 5 Ways to Maintain Wellness

I’ve always found joy in transitioning with the seasons. The newness is exciting, brimming with opportunity and the potential that resides in what’s to come! For me, transitioning with the seasons means changing small bits and moments of my life to signify the entrance of this new time of year. Each of the four seasonsContinue reading “Transitioning Into Winter During a Pandemic: 5 Ways to Maintain Wellness”

Reflections on Christmas + 2021 Dreaming

Settling down after the holidays has never felt more truly settling than this year. Even though the pandemic meant we weren’t nearly as busy as we would have normally been during the holidays, returning to routine and the warmth of home feels incredibly comforting. Even just reducing the “hurry” in our day-to-day is a beautifulContinue reading “Reflections on Christmas + 2021 Dreaming”

Starting New Traditions with Ginger Spice Cookies

This time of year is full of so many wonderful signifiers of the Christmas season: warm glowing Christmas lights, jolly holiday music with familiar melodies, the smells of cranberries and pine lingering from a favorite candle or the freshly-cut tree. But there is one incredibly classic Christmas signifier that I unfortunately have never been aContinue reading “Starting New Traditions with Ginger Spice Cookies”

What Grace Means To Me: My Word of 2020

It’s still hard to believe that January 1st existed in 2020! I’m thinking we will most likely end up defining this chaotic year by so much of what started in its third month. But long before COVID-19 entered the United States, we all celebrated as the clock struck midnight, entering in a new year andContinue reading “What Grace Means To Me: My Word of 2020”

Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars with Shortbread-Style Crust

In my family, for the past few Thanksgivings, my speciality has been making the chocolate pecan pie. One level up from a classic pecan pie (which is delicious in its own way), the chocolate pecan pie is straight up indulgent. The melty rich chocolate with the nutty pecan flavor is roll-your-eyes-back delicious. The sweet fillingContinue reading “Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars with Shortbread-Style Crust”

5 Helpful Thanksgiving Ideas from All Around the Internet

With the chaos of 2020, I think I speak for most of us when I say I am VERY excited for Thanksgiving this week! Even though many parts of our Thanksgiving celebrations aren’t quite traditional this year, I’m still looking forward to the different and new things that we get to enjoy. For example, onContinue reading “5 Helpful Thanksgiving Ideas from All Around the Internet”

8 New-To-Me Fall Recipes I Tried This Season

Fall is pretty magical, isn’t it? Drifting out of summer can be painful, but any person can be allured by the slowly changing colors and the slightly cooler temperatures. Our warm socks and fuzzy blankets beckon us to pick them up once again, the nights getting shorter as the days go by. Since March I’veContinue reading “8 New-To-Me Fall Recipes I Tried This Season”