5 Helpful Thanksgiving Ideas from All Around the Internet

With the chaos of 2020, I think I speak for most of us when I say I am VERY excited for Thanksgiving this week! Even though many parts of our Thanksgiving celebrations aren’t quite traditional this year, I’m still looking forward to the different and new things that we get to enjoy. For example, onContinue reading “5 Helpful Thanksgiving Ideas from All Around the Internet”

Dreamy Christmas Home Inspiration Roundup

It’s almost Christmas!!! Right?! I think that’s what every major retailer wants us to think right now lol. It may or may not have worked on me, as I already bought all of Jarod’s Christmas gifts and half of the other family gifts… still a bit scarred by everything being out-of-stock during quarantine! Something inContinue reading “Dreamy Christmas Home Inspiration Roundup”