Reflections on Christmas + 2021 Dreaming

Settling down after the holidays has never felt more truly settling than this year. Even though the pandemic meant we weren’t nearly as busy as we would have normally been during the holidays, returning to routine and the warmth of home feels incredibly comforting. Even just reducing the “hurry” in our day-to-day is a beautifulContinue reading “Reflections on Christmas + 2021 Dreaming”

What Grace Means To Me: My Word of 2020

It’s still hard to believe that January 1st existed in 2020! I’m thinking we will most likely end up defining this chaotic year by so much of what started in its third month. But long before COVID-19 entered the United States, we all celebrated as the clock struck midnight, entering in a new year andContinue reading “What Grace Means To Me: My Word of 2020”